Elaine Quehl, Quilt Artist



I have retired from teaching workshops. I would be happy to provide a presentation for your group via Zoom. Fee is $350. Please contact me at equehl@hotmail.com

The following presentations are available:

Elaine takes you through her 27 years of quilt making, and shares lessons she’s learned along the way.

From Inspiration to Art Quilt
Elaine shares how she moved into designing her own quilts, what inspires her, and how she turns that inspiration into an art quilt.

A Design Journey
A design primer that is packed with information, tips, and images about good composition. Elaine shares examples of her earlier work, along with ideas on how they might be improved. The presentation starts with basic principles that you can use right away to give your work more impact and then moves into more complex principles that you can introduce as you grow in your art practice.