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Student Testimonials

The best teacher I ever had. Gave full attention to all students, was extremely calm and competent, encouraging and helpful.

Anonymous participant, "Flowers & Foliage" class, Haliburton School of the Arts, 2013

Instructor set an excellent learning environment for the week. She was encouraging, helpful and responsive to learners' needs and ideas in a very positive way! What a fantastic week!

Anonymous participant, "Flowers & Foliage class, Haliburton School of the Arts, 2013.

I was encouraged, taught in an environment of support. I was able to create things I relly didn't think I could. Elaine is brilliant in her field and has genuine caring about what you are learning and providing the information and support to do the design you are envisioning. Awesome.

Anonymous particpant, "The Art Quilt", Haliburton School of the Arts, 2013

I would highly recommend this course! Elaine is not only an excellent instructor, but she also responds so well to student questions, requests for helpful demonstrations to enhance our work beyond the course description. I have learned so much. Not only about art quilts, but also about art principles and design, which can extend into other media.

Anonymous participant, "The Art Quilt", Haliburton School of the Arts, 2013

We all LOVED your lecture! The quilts are amazing and you are such an engaging,funny and honest speaker!!1 Really one of the best we have seen (and I got that comment from many members!!!) It was really a big success!

Sandra Rocca, Brampton, Ontario

I am so pleased to have met you. You have been my most inspirational teacher yet. I do hope you will come back!

Deanna Geraghty, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

I am a die-hard, 38 year veteran of hand quilting. With great fear I took a 3 day Machine Quilting workshop with Elaine Quehl at our Quilters Retreat (Mayflower Retreat, Nova Scotia). She was fantastic, if you ever get a chance to take a workshop with her, do it! You won't regret it.

Barbara Robson, Fox Point, Nova Scotia

This has been the best course I've taken so far. Elaine is an excellent communicator as well as artist. She has been a great encouragement for my journey in quilt art.

Anonymous participant, The Art Quilt, Haliburton School of the Arts, 2011

Elaine is an open and genuine teacher. She is thoughtful about how best to teach and she accepts feedback - positive and constructive - in an even manner. She freely shares her expertise and teaches tips that she uses and would have acquired over years of experience.

Anonymous participant, The Art Quilt, Haliburton School of the Arts, 2011

Excellent design course!

Anonymous participant, The Art Quilt, Haliburton School of the Arts, 2011

Elaine is a great asset to your faculty!

Anonymous participant, Threads: Uncommon & Unforgettable, Haliburton School of the Arts, 2011

Elaine is a very calm and proficient teacher. The class presented a few challenges for her and she took them in her stride and things worked out just fine. This is my 4th class with her. She shares all knowledge, resources, books, magazines, tips, etc.

Anonymous participant, Threads: Uncommon & Unforgettable, Haliburton School of the Arts, 2011

Elaine was very supportive and created a collaborative atmosphere, welcoming a skilled and talented group to share with one another.

Anonymous participant, Threads: Uncommon & Unforgettable, Haliburton School of the Arts, 2011

I only have kudos for you. You handled everything wonderfully. And you're an excellent adult educator. You gave us plenty of choices: bring our own supplies or buy yours, work on the technique of the day or work on something else etc. Always very clear instructions, lots of tips and support, but at the same time an openness to let us do things our own way. You presented yourself as a co-explorer, co-learner, rather than an expert, which made the workshops very non-threatening. You also demonstrated a great deal of flexibility, in terms of repeating demonstrations for those who missed a session and also letting me join in January. Your continuous patience and good humour made the classes thoroughly enjoyable. So, I'd highly recommend you as a teacher anytime.

Susan Lilley, Cornwall, Ontario (participant, "Dye Happy" class 2010/2011)

I do want you to know how grateful I am for this course..... I have been so impressed with your work and was anxious to learn from you. I'll keep watching your web site and am quite sure that at some point I'll be knocking on your door again. Your enthusiasm for what you do is infectious and your teaching skills VERY much appreciated.

Dorothy Collins, Ottawa (participant of "Dye Happy" class 2010/2011)

What a pleasure it was to work with you. Organized and "real". I thought that I had a fair degree of energy but you are amazing. It was such a treat to have a real live trunk show and everyone was raving about it and the workshops. As a retired teacher I recognize a good one when I see one and you are A+. I think that we will be seeing some products from the past few days in our quilt show in November. Thank you so very much for a great experience.

Kiyomi Sakamoto, Workshop Coordinator, York Heritage Quiit Guild, Toronto, Ontario

Having attended courses in many provinces, this was with the best. The samples were numerous and provided ideas.

Anonymous participant, "From Inspiration to Art Quilt" at the Elora Summer Arts Program.

I learned more than I expected. So much so that my head is full of ideas.

Patsy, participant, "From Inspiration to Art Quilt" at the Elora Summer Arts Program

Elaine is a wonderful teacher; approachable, knowledgable, and organized. She shares what she has learned as a very successful hand dyer and art quilter, everything from finding and sustaining creative inspiration to practical tips on assembling and finishing your work.

Jean Gerster, Ottawa (participant of the Art Quilt Series)

This class opened my eyes and made me dare to experiment. You really know your stuff.

Sue Cherry, Ottawa (participant of the Art Quilt Series)

It was a privilege to have access to you and to be able to take this course with you. What stands out for me is how very generous you are with your students. You are a great teacher!

Nicole D'Avignon (participant of the Art Quilt Series)

I find the teacher very knowledgeable, and she is very apt in conveying this knowledge to the class. I quite enjoyed the workshop. It helped me get out of my box and look at art, nature, quilts, etc. in a different way.

Anonymous participant of the Art Quilt Series, Ottawa

I liked that you were very willing to share all your knowledge and experience, that you are excited about what you are doing, that you were willing to cover more than outlined in the course program and discuss topics suggested by students. Every class was very inspiring for me.

Anonymous participant of the Art Quilt Series, Ottawa

You present and express yourself well. You are calm but convey an excitement and love for what you do. You are not threatened and are non-threatening, sharing your knowledge without hesitation. You are encouraging yet give realistic and appropriate positive criticism. You are very approachable.

Valerie Harrison, VanKleek HIll, ON, participant of the Art Quilt Series, Ottawa

I have been leading your fan club over the past six months. I talk about this class a lot to my quilting friends and everyone else as well. Well done!

Anonymous participant of the Art Quilt Series, Ottawa

I thought that you were very generous with your time, your knowledge, your books and magazines and all of your supplies. You were also very encouraging with your feedback. Coming from a traditional quilting background, this class opened up a complete other world with a ton of possibilities, so much so that at some points I felt overwhelmed. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Sylvie, participant of the Art Quilt Series, Ottawa

As I write this I am wishing I could be in attendance at your class today. I so enjoyed yesterday's experience I left wanting more...lots more! Thank you for that experience. All of your work is beautiful and inspiring! Best wishes in your 'new' career, I'm sure that it will be successful for you. You are an excellent teacher! Sincerely,

Gayle Owen, Kingston

I really enjoyed the class today & think you are a terrific teacher. The way you share information & expand on ideas is very inspiring. Thanks for the great day.

Pat Wright, Ottawa

You are an excellent teacher! Really enjoyed the class.

Meredith Filshie, Ottawa

I have been receiving a lot of very positive feedback about how well you teach, how easy it is to understand you, the amount that we learned and on and on. Personally, I feel very inspired to keep this up and improve my skills.

Maggie O'Brien, Kemptville

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation in Brockville on Saturday. We all enjoyed the day immensely. I love your relaxed, informative manner which makes free motion sound so easy. Have been doodling all weekend and now trying new ways. Thanks for the encouragement and support. I'm ready to fly!!

Trudy Brown, Brockville

I took your Beyond Stippling I class this Sunday and really enjoyed it. The very next day I used some of the techniques I learned and love it. I'm hooked now. I just needed that little push in the right direction.

Monique Trudel-Wilson

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your class (Beyond Stippling I) yesterday. Thanks again for a wonderful day.

Michelle Hartrick

Thank you for the great workshop. I've heard just positive feedback from everyone.

Joan Lemay, Renfrew, Ontario

Thank you so much for the great class yesterday. I have taken a lot of quilting classes over the years with many world-renowned teachers of free-motion quilting, but nothing ever clicked. After yesterday, I felt that I had a chance. I promise to practice and to make it happen! Thanks again.

Marion Perrault, Beaconsfield, Quebec

I took the dyeing course in Arnprior on Sunday and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it :) Thank you so much I learned a lot and had a great time. My fabrics turned out really well and I dyed some more fabrics on Tuesday.

Katrina Kahn, blog at www.sunshowerquilts.blogspot.com

Subject : beyond stippling class in Waterloo

Your relaxed teaching style and useful explanations made this class so enjoyable for me. As well as learning new techniques for machine quilting, I picked up some useful insights about drawing, matching threads to needles and threading sewing machines. Thanks so much.

Judith Hampton

I'm finally sitting down at the computer, to thank you for offering all the ideas, techniques and your beautiful quilts, you shared in Beyond Stippling 1 & 2. Your quiet, relaxed, fun method of teaching was appreciated. Thank you for the well organized handouts. I don't know if you've ever taught "Colour" - another one of your many talents - but one that would also be very effective. I'm practicing! Thank you again!

Pat MacDonald

Hi Elaine, Thanks very much for the wonderful workshop yesterday – we all enjoyed ourselves immensely! And of course your hand-dyed fabrics are so yummy they are very hard to resist. But who resisted ? For myself I found your class very liberating, I loved making the background with the free-form curves and will definitely do more in this style. It's a perfect technique for all my batiks and your hand-dyes. Thanks again. Have attached a photo of our group – hope you had a great day as well.

Bev Cooper

I want you to know how inspired I was by your machine quilting classes. I used your techniques to quilt the wallhanging that our redwork group is submitting to THE QUILT for the 2007-2008 auction. The group was really pleased with the results. I have also quilted a Magic Tiles. I was so inspired I took the sashing off the top, sandwiched each piece and quilted an oak leaf medallion over each block.... I am having such fun!

Virginia Miller

I just have to tell you how pleased so many of us were with your class, your approach (especially the 12 step colour wheel) and our results afterward. THANK YOU so much for your availability for us. It was truly a treat. I am so pleased with my strong clear colours. They aren't even ironed yet! But I know they are gorgeous. Your handout will be in the file of resources that will prove helpful for a long time yet. Thank you again

Barb Robinson

What a great workshop you gave on Friday! Thank you so much. It was exactly the workshop that I was ready for! I plan to spend some considerable time this summer practicing machine quilting. I also love to hand stitch and quilt ---- but your quilt designs and your technique for teaching them work so well for me. Have a great summer. Warm wishes,

Maureen Kay